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The Wireless Customer Experience

Monday, September 25, 2000
by Mark Hurst

Our new free white paper on wireless customer experience is now available. (Download the white paper here for free.) The "hook" of the report is that success in wireless is not primarily about technology, or investors, or strategic partnerships. Success in wireless is based primarily on a good customer experience.

The report makes several points that are rarely heard (if not outright opposed) in much of the wireless hype lately. For example:

- To succeed, a wireless service must provide a customer experience that is better than existing alternatives. (This is the most important idea of the white paper.)

- Customer experience in wireless is not the same as on the Web. (The white paper lists how content, community, and e-commerce are different on wireless.)

- Wireless devices and wireless customer experience is severely constrained. To create a good wireless customer experience and thereby succeed in the wireless industry, businesses must accept and work within those constraints.

- WAP will not succeed in the current wireless marketplace.

- The WAP protocol itself is not inherently responsible for many of the problems in the WAP customer experience.

The white paper also reviews the flaws of the U.S. carriers' strategy, summarizes WAP, discusses "inch-scale design," and gives no-hype answers to questions about Java and other technologies.

I highly recommend reading the white paper, and not just because I'm a co-author! It's a free, quick download -- just 54k. (Download the white paper here for free.)

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