Monitoring the online customer experience, by Mark Hurst.
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Free Holiday 2000 E-Commerce report

Free Wireless White Paper

Free Dotcom Survival Guide

Free Holiday '99 E-Commerce report

Free White paper on customer experience strategy

E-Business Best Practices site

In Search of E-Commerce, report from Feb '99

Resources from the Wireless White Paper

General wireless resources
O'Reilly Network: Wireless DevCenter
Usable Mobile (e-mail discussion group)
Ubiquitous Computing weblog
KEITAI-L (e-mail discussion group Web-enabled phones, especially in Japan) (about wireless in Japan)

WAP resources
Asia WAP Resources Center


Mark Weiser's Ubiquitous Computing page (about telecommunications)
The Palm Design Philosophy (also this page)

Finally, you can donate your cell phone for good causes. Collective Good (no relation :) points to several charities that accept mobile phone donations, and the Wireless Foundation fights domestic abuse with cell phone donations.

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Endnotes from the white paper

Main wireless resources page

Download the free wireless white paper, "The Wireless Customer Experience," by Mark Hurst and Zimran Ahmed.

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