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July 3, 2003 06:00 AM

Broken: Broken weather websites


Update, July 21: Both Yahoo Weather and have fixed the behavior detailed in our July 3 post (see below). As of July 21, searching for "New York City" on either site takes the user directly to the New York weather page.
To the teams at Yahoo Weather and thanks for the fix! Nice work.

 Original July 3 post: Both (pointed out by Ryan Olshavsky) and Yahoo Weather (I found) have trouble with their search results.
Search for "San Francisco" and you'll be asked if you mean the one in Argentina. Search on "San Francisco, CA" and you get the same question: do you mean the "San Francisco, CA" in Argentina?
Search Yahoo Weather for "New York City" and you get (as we say in Manhattan) bupkus. Only a list of possible cities, and not one of them is New York City. (Click on the images to zoom in.)


Yahoo may have fixed this already. But the real name of New York City is The City of New York. New York City and NYC are nicknames. You might have had better success had you typed "New York". You wouldn't expect Yahoo Weather to find weather for The City of New York if you typed "Big Apple", now would you? Or San Francisco if you typed "Frisco"?

Posted by: Dan Mahaffey at November 3, 2003 04:22 PM

I'd expect Yahoo to think about this for about 15 seconds, and realize that NO ONE would search for The City Of New York. If you ask 100 people in NYC "What city am I in?", not one of us is going to say "The City Of New York". You'll probably get plenty of rudeness though ;D.

Posted by: Paul at November 13, 2003 12:07 PM

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