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October 29, 2003 06:45 AM

Broken: Tube color

Jim Duppenthaler writes:

The Loctite Company makes a range of products called 'threadlockers', a liquid applied to threads to keep nuts, bolts, screws, etc. firmly in place. Every mechanic has a bottle or tube of blue (medium strength) and red (high strength) Loctite in his or her tool chest.

The problem: Loctite Red comes in a blue tube, and Loctite Blue comes in a red tube. This makes you think very carefully before grabbing a tube, as using the wrong one can have serious consequences. Here's what they look like, including a couple drops of the contents of each tube.

Correction - Nov 17, 2003: A representative from the Loctite corporation just wrote in to correct the misunderstanding....

In regards to the problem posed above, please examine the picture Mr. Duppenthaler provided more carefully. When viewed larger you will notice the two tubes are from two different manufactures. The red tube is in fact a Loctite® threadlocker however the blue tube is not a Loctite product but a Permatex® product.

All of the Loctite® Threadlocker products are in red bottles or tubes and have been for 50 years. Since Loctite offers many strengths and grades which are differentiated by colors such as red, blue, green and purple, most packages except for the very small tube pictured do have a color coded strip across them in addition to the written description such as "Medium Strength".

The Permatex® Company introduced their blue bottles several years ago. There is obviously some confusion in the marketplace and Loctite welcomes anyone to visit for any further information about Loctite® products.

Thank You,
Karen V.
Henkel Loctite Corporation


Oh my...what moron came up with that one?

Posted by: Angela (Bunnigrrrl) at November 1, 2003 11:50 AM

Now that is very very very broken. how sad.

Posted by: dab at November 3, 2003 03:54 PM

I saw people discussing this on another blog - someone commented that the manufacturer came out with the blue goo first, and put it in a red container to look better... then when they launched the red goo, they couldn't then put it in the red container, since they already had one on the market.

Not sure if it's a true story or not.

Posted by: Mark Hurst at November 4, 2003 11:59 AM

That's odd, because I've just used some Loctite Red "Stud and Bearing Fit" gunk.

The stuff is red, the tube is red, and no, I'm not colour-blind.

gordon (at) g%j%c%p%dot%n%e%t

Posted by: Gordon Pearce at November 7, 2003 05:52 AM

Response from Loctite:

Please examine the picture more carefully, when viewed larger you will notice the two tubes are from two different manufacturers. The red tube is in fact a Loctite® product and all Loctite® Threadlocker products are in red containers.Most of the Loctite Threadlockers do have a color coded stripe across the bottles except for this very small sized tube.

The blue tube is a Permatex® product not Loctite®.

Visit for any further information about Loctite products.

Posted by: Loctite at November 17, 2003 09:02 AM

whats the point of that? it is 1 of the strangest things I've seen on this site.

Posted by: mo at March 17, 2005 04:44 PM

Hey Loctite,

Is your BLUE not in a RED tube in the picture?

Are you practising to be politicians? Pointing fingers at others to pull the attention from yourself? Disregard the competiton and fix YOUR broken - even if it is the only one in your entire product line.

Which I use regularly with total satisfaction - other than I do find this blue in a red tube annoying - never can remember whioh color I need when I'm out and forget my "shopping list"...

Posted by: imnotright at May 3, 2005 07:08 PM

Oh for gosh sakes, who gives a rip what the color is ? The color of the tube could be pitty tink and it wouldn't make any difference !!

Roy Johnston

Posted by: Roy Johnston at July 7, 2006 11:54 PM

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