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December 4, 2003 03:09 AM

Broken: Virgin Atlantic baggage form

  Dave Lawrence writes:

On a trip back from Washington on Mr. Branson's finest, my luggage was delayed at Terminal 3. I waited around 30 minutes and alerted the baggage staff, who were on the lookout for my case.

Before it eventually appeared, this is the "Contents Questionnaire" I had to fill in [click on graphics to see both sides of the form].

"What have I got in my bag, Mr. Customs Man? Oh, the usual sort of things: A shirt, a skirt, a mechanic, an infant, hair, weather and electricity, and yes, I did pack my bag myself."


You have to think British. These are just catgories to "tickle" your thinking into remembering what your brought. Altho I admit it's unusual, the British are known for being short and to the point..."Infant" instead of "Baby Items" or "Infant clothes and accessories."

Posted by: Toni at December 4, 2003 06:53 AM

British or not, you've got to wonder about that "weapon" category...

Posted by: April at December 4, 2003 01:55 PM

You're allowed to ship weapons in checked baggage -- I think you have to get a permit and transport ammo separately, though.

Posted by: Vidiot at December 4, 2003 05:20 PM

I like your suggestion about the items being 'tickle categories', but as for 'thinking British' I'm not so sure! (I'm British and I original submitted the item!) 'Linen' for example - how many people take sheets with them on a plane? :)

Posted by: David Lawrence at December 8, 2003 12:56 PM

It's not so much what people take with them, but what they bring home with them from vacation. With cheap airfare during the winter months, I know a lot of people from my city (Philadelphia, PA) who fly to New York City to do their Christmas shopping, rather than go through the hassle of driving in bad weather. In fact, to fly from a regional airport in a chartered plane with five friends is less expensive than renting a vehicle large enough to transport six people and their purchases, if costs are shared.

Posted by: Jeni at May 13, 2004 01:03 AM

I wonder why it said weather? I guess people now

have a thunderstorm in a jar now.

Posted by: unknown at March 2, 2005 07:05 PM

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