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March 11, 2004 12:11 AM

Broken: Store entrance sign

Pat Malecek writes:

Here's an example of bad labeling and/or building codes gone awry. If it's not an entrance, don't put the "IN" arrow on it. Or if it's for employees only, mark it as such.


That is extremely confusing. With this one, you can't even use logic or past experience to really determine where the mistake is (IE, which sticker was first and maybe figure out the initial intention) so that you could stipulate what it's supposed to say, or actually is for that matter. By this I mean looking at it just for the first time, such as in that picture.

That's so stupid.

Posted by: etM at July 14, 2004 11:58 AM

well, im not sure on the rules to this site, but that "not an entrance" sign, looks photoshopped to me...but if not, that is just plain dumb.

Posted by: Blah at August 11, 2004 10:01 PM

This is clearly NOT broken, as any simpleton could figure out by the push bar on the opposite side of the door... still, how hard would it be for the store to remove a sticker?

Posted by: Brandon Renner at October 8, 2004 10:49 AM

I sent this one in. It's not photoshopped. It's on a fairly recently updated Schnucks grocery store in Webster Groves, MO (a 'burb of St. Louis).

The really sad thing about this sign (and it still irks me every time I go to this store) is that THIS is the door all visitors see FIRST when walking from the parking lot -- i.e. THIS door faces the parking lot. To see and access the usable entries, you have to turn to your left.

Posted by: Pat at December 2, 2004 10:24 PM

Almost as bad as someone pusihg on a pull door

Posted by: c at January 16, 2005 09:10 PM

isn't anyone going to say that, if not shopped, that this is not broken anyway? c'mon, come up with SOMEthing.

Posted by: Bob at April 12, 2005 07:08 PM

The "IN" sign you are seeing is generally stuck on by automatic door manufacturers when they installed the Door. The not an entrance sign looks like it was installed by the store owner. I know the local target here has an automatic door just for cart collector employee's, and the door doesnt open without a remote, yet, still yield the same In/Out signs and Caution automatic door signs. THe automatic door manufactuer probably doesnt know your intended use for the door.

Posted by: Bryant at July 2, 2005 03:07 AM

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