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August 9, 2004 12:01 AM

Broken: Ikea e-mail

ikea2Steve Gershik writes:

Here's a great example of a process that's broken. I find a piece of furniture I'd like to buy from IKEA online (which, by the way, their store says is discontinued). I *think* I've successfully purchased it from their web site. That is until I receive this e-mail. Have I really ordered this dresser or not? I have no idea.


OK, it could be worded better, but it's clear enough: they've received your order, and they'll confirm it and provide final pricing within 5-7 business days.

This email is only a symptom of what is really broken here: The fact that Ikea's online shopping experience doesn't work the way people expect online shopping to work (they can't confirm the order or the final price for up to a week!)

Posted by: alex benenson at August 9, 2004 01:31 AM

This is probably because Ikea does not ship furniture. In an effort to keep their costs down, they do all shipping through a third party. You have purchased the item, but it won't get shipped to you until the shipping arangements have been made through the third party.

A good suggestion is to buy Ikea furiture at an Ikea store, rather than online. And don't forget to bring a vehicle that can carry what you've bought, cause the shipping arrangments are just as absurd at the store.

Posted by: edalethni at August 9, 2004 01:33 AM

Easily fixed, though. Call and cancel your order.

If they have such a "high volume of orders" they won't miss it!

Posted by: icouldbeanyone at August 9, 2004 03:15 AM

Ordering online via Ikea is a little odd. You place your order online, provide your credit card details and everything. *Then* they call you, take your card details and shipping info *again* and that's when your order is placed.

And yes, they do ship through a third party.

At least, that's how it works here in Canada.

Posted by: scott lewis at August 9, 2004 01:34 PM

I received this same email two years ago when I ordered a bookcase online. Never heard from them again. 10 days later, I bought the same bookcase in the store. Somewhat nervously. But one can never have two many places for books.

Posted by: Dan Ryan at August 11, 2004 01:34 AM

buying online from Ikea is a little strange because of the third party shipping as everyone has mentioned. it may be a little inconvenient (both online and at the store) but the reason Ikea operates this way is to keep costs low.

It's up to you really but I find it a small price to pay for really great furniture at really affordable prices.

Posted by: sarah at August 11, 2004 11:45 AM

:-( They solve his problem in the UK (where they have 12 stores currently) with this message on their werbsite:

You cannot order by telephone or mail yet. We will only launch

on-line/mail order shopping in the UK when we can ensure we

have an adequate infrastructure in place.

And they don't let you reserve items to be picked up at the store either (though that's a logistical nightmare too). So it's look in the catalogue and take your chances when you go to the store.

And yet we keep going back... :-)

Posted by: Jonathan Whiteland at August 13, 2004 04:58 AM

No, you have not placed the order and will not be charged until they call you back and confirm the stock, shipping costs, tax and provide you with the total.

The problem is not so much with 3rd party delivery but their website does not "talk" with their stock systems.

Its simply a bad experience, one that I hear they will change soon, as there is really no excuse for this.

Posted by: Johnny at August 19, 2004 03:51 AM

HA ha, I've had trouble with IKEA as well. Getting this 3rd party shipper involved here in the Bay Area just confuses everything. First, I went to the IKEA store in Palo Alto with intentions to buy pieces for closet shelving...and talk about a zoo! It's so stressful to go there because there are more people there than at Disneyland! *sigh* So, I find that not all the pieces for the closet are there, and decide to go home and order them all online.

That in itself was a pain. Then, stuff got delivered to some random person in a completely different city. The street name wasn't even the same, so I have no idea how this happened. *sigh* The whole thing was just a mess and I'm not going to deal with IKEA anymore...the prices really aren't that great for the extra trouble...

Posted by: Karen at January 12, 2005 02:18 PM

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