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June 7, 2005 09:12 PM

Broken: (question for TIB readers) Domain mapping at TypePad

Update: This is fixed, and here is the solution.

Original post follows.

- - -

Quick question for TIB readers: is anyone out there a tech genius, with lots of experience, at setting up domain records? I'm looking to create a new spinoff site for This Is Broken and I need...

- for the domain to point to the typepad page without revealing the typepad address (i.e. instead of forwarding to the typepad address, as thisisbroken forwards to

- ...and it's a (secondary) bonus if the person also knows about setting up group blogs, in the manner of boingboing or metafilter.

Get in touch with me through the regular submission address, broken at goodexperience dot com. And describe your skills, experience level, and if you'd volunteer your services or if not, what you'd charge to do some set up work on the spinoff site.

thanks ..



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