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July 8, 2005 12:10 AM

Broken: Jacket pockets

InsidepocketNopocketPeter Conrad writes:

Here's a picture of the inside pocket of a jacket I bought. Or is it? Actually, it's the outside pocket. There is no inside pocket. But the way the outside pocket is constructed looks and feels just like an inside pocket.

I keep forgetting and putting things in there from the inside. What kinds of things do I put in an inside pocket? Things that I want to keep safe, things that are fragile, things that suffer when they then fall right through onto the cold, hard ground.


That's kinda lame, it does look like an inside pocket.

btw first

Posted by: SpicyMeatball at July 8, 2005 12:25 AM

that happens to me i my winter coat

btw SECOND!!!

Posted by: dont start the "this isnt broken" at July 8, 2005 12:31 AM

Honestly, how much more effort/money would it have taken from the company to just sew up the bottom part to make an inside pocket? It just seems like wasted fabric.

Posted by: someone at July 8, 2005 01:24 AM

OR, (even tho *they* shouldn't have to... I get that that's the broken aspect here, so don't yell at me please...) Peter and our SECOND!!! poster could sew up the bottom of the pocket (like 'someone' suggested) and never have this problem again.

Posted by: ambrocked at July 8, 2005 02:19 AM

(while it IS broken, at least it's easy and cheap to fix, right?)

Posted by: ambrocked at July 8, 2005 02:24 AM

wow. It's July, why are we looking at jackets? BTW, my windbreaker is like that too.

Posted by: Jeff at July 8, 2005 03:05 AM

Six inches of Duct Tape and ""

Posted by: Peter J Lambert at July 8, 2005 04:43 AM

OK I'll agree with others here that the design in the jacket is broken. But don't you check out the item to discover if its compatible to your liking before purchasing it?

Posted by: kent at July 8, 2005 09:15 AM


Posted by: Bob at July 8, 2005 09:34 AM

So, it's a device that has two different ways to use a "feature" when the user would be better off with a single, better designed way to do it. Sounds a lot like the Mac vs. PC debate :)

Posted by: Jeff at July 8, 2005 10:02 AM

"I keep forgetting..."

Hmm. I think I see what's broken.

Posted by: Amnesia at July 8, 2005 12:25 PM


It was a gift. I wouldn't have bought it without making sure I could use the inside pocket :)

Posted by: Peter S. Conrad at July 9, 2005 01:09 AM

Erm, Kent, I know I said in the description that I bought it. And in my comment that it's a gift. What really happened is my wife was at the store and told me I should buy it.

Posted by: Peter S. Conrad at July 9, 2005 01:11 AM

All "jackets" are broken. It's a corrupted version of clothing made over a hundred years ago, made by people who never think of design. Features that actually served a purpose them have been bastardised. Buttonholes without corresponding buttons? Buttons without corresponding buttonholes? Collars that don't collar your neck? And why do we have to have all the pockets anyway? Why can't we carry a small bag?

I bet you still wear a tie. Loser.

Posted by: eye at July 9, 2005 01:28 PM

>>Conrad your explanation makes perfect sense thanx

>>Eve why not carry a small bag uh lets see I can be using my hands for other things. like holding popcorn at the movies, caring my kids drink for them to their seat. Not to mention having to place the bag down at a football game, then unintentionally having to go back to retrieve it cause my keys are in it hoping somebody hasn't picked it up.

last calling someone a loser because they might wear a tie shows you are juvenile and pathetic. By the way I own one tie that I bought to wear to my friend's funeral. LOSER

Posted by: kent at July 9, 2005 03:09 PM

Are ties out of style now or something? Where the hell have I been? BTW yes this is broken!

Posted by: Bob at July 9, 2005 06:16 PM

Go away, Imposter Bob. I was here first.

Posted by: Bob at July 9, 2005 11:24 PM

Nah... not broken. The gift giver was broken! No, wait, the person unhappy with the gift, unable to simply accept it and move on is broken. Some designer had a reason for the pocket configuration. Like it? Buy it! Don't like it? Don't buy it! Simple enough. Someone bought a gift for you that you think is defective. I can hardly see why the product is at fault.

Posted by: me at July 10, 2005 06:37 PM

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