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February 14, 2006 03:46 PM

Broken: (For fun) Indonesian greeting cards

99675325_f804d6c26dFor Valentine's Day, a set of greeting cards I bought in Indonesia and scanned in today.

They include what's possibly my favorite greeting card of all time:

    you.ll leare bad limes
    behind nothing bul good limes on uoui mind


Engrish at its best! My favorite is the, "I do hope that the music of a creek from me will echo in the deep valley of you." What's more romantic than flatulence?

Posted by: Ron Mexico at February 14, 2006 03:59 PM

I know I'll leare bad limes...

Posted by: =David at February 14, 2006 04:20 PM

u mean "I know I.ll leare bad limes...."


Posted by: goooooose at February 14, 2006 04:21 PM

I don't know why, but I love these sorts of things. It's always interesting to see in what strange sorts of ways the English language can be utterly torn to shreds. "Tier ai the builhoueis" indeed!

Posted by: codeman38 at February 14, 2006 04:24 PM

limes is an acronym for smile. that's all i've got.

Posted by: Confused Shopper at February 14, 2006 04:27 PM

ConfusedShopper: It should pretty clearly be "times"

At least your nick isn't broken 8)

Posted by: Paul at February 14, 2006 04:37 PM

How could it be times? Who would talk about "bad times" on a Valentine's Day card? but then again where would "bad smiles" fit it...

And what's with the "Seasons" on the top of the card??

Posted by: Chaos at February 14, 2006 04:55 PM

Are "Seasons" cards for all holidays and occasions?

"Honey, I forgot to buy Chris a birthday card!"

"Don't worry... We'll just give him a 'Seasons' card!"

Posted by: Chaos at February 14, 2006 04:57 PM

Chaos, maybe the woman (the recipient of the card, possibly) is going through menopause (a season of change) and her man (the giver of the card) is assuring her that there are better times ahead. But I think the better times ahead are for him, seeing as he is with a younger woman (denoted by the Spring flowers on the front of the card). He is now together forever w/his new younger woman.

Have I overanalyzed this card? Do I make any sense? I'm broken.

Posted by: Confused Shopper at February 14, 2006 05:01 PM

I think it means: You'll leave bad times behind,

nothing but good times on our mind.

Posted by: oldenise at February 14, 2006 05:12 PM

oldenise. I premote you to Engrish to English translater

Posted by: Unknown at February 14, 2006 05:36 PM

...seconds oldenise's promotion. congrats!!

Posted by: me too at February 14, 2006 08:13 PM

Yay fuzzy agreement to premonition to oldenise!

Having squirrely happy limes now!

Posted by: Faolan at February 14, 2006 10:54 PM

'Times'. Ah.

That's better than my first thought:

You'll hear bad rhymes

Posted by: DaveC426913 at February 15, 2006 09:26 AM

Yes yes, I'll leare bad rhymes so you can listen to them ALL DAY!!! (dun dun duuuuun)

Posted by: Riblet15 at February 15, 2006 10:37 AM

"you'll leave bad times behind, nothing but good times on your mind" is a lyric from Steve Winwood's song Roll With It.

Posted by: Andrew at February 15, 2006 10:38 AM

Andrew: That's another interesting thing I've noticed about these moments of random Engrish: it seems like it's fairly common for them to come from song lyrics...

Posted by: codeman38 at February 15, 2006 10:53 AM

I will pay you $20 for these cards! Seriously, you should have picked up a bunch of boxes, and you could have made a fortune selling them on ebay!

Posted by: amsny at February 15, 2006 12:32 PM

Hai Meester, I.ll sho you.ll good-limes for tenty dolla. I.ll love ya long time!

Posted by: Suki Yuki at February 15, 2006 03:36 PM

maybe busta limes would know....oh what, that it doesn't....

Posted by: dddddave at February 16, 2006 12:40 AM

This is a common error when using a scanner and an older OCR program without its dictionaries.

Posted by: Eric at March 11, 2006 05:19 PM

Tehy ddint use sepllchcek!

LOL netiehr did I!

Posted by: another guy named Alex B. at May 6, 2006 01:44 AM

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