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July 25, 2006 12:03 AM

Broken: Delta flight status notification


This Just In: There are no alerts at this time.

It's great to be notified that there is no news.


It doesn't seem that broken. If its there all the time then that means that there's just nothing going on at the time. The only reason it might be broken IMO is if that box only shows up when there is news. Which may be the case, but I'm not sure.

Posted by: yofosho at July 25, 2006 12:23 AM

Nothing unusual here, it just seems to be a pre-formed webpage, where it's easier and quicker to update text than to have a second version that has a space for an alert.

Posted by: klew at July 25, 2006 01:42 AM

The fact that they're combining "This just in" with "There are no alerts at this time." seems slightly broken. However, the somehwat ironic remark that "It's great to be notified that there is no news" is off: If I go to this site, it's actually *good* design that it says if there are no new alerts, since it means that I can stop searching. This is exactly the information I was looking for when going to this page.

Posted by: LKM at July 25, 2006 05:02 AM

Beh...Its just a template, although it is slightly broken that it says This Just it, they put no new news at this time so that kind of fixes the problem. They could have just left it blank too

Posted by: Lead Head at July 26, 2006 09:28 AM

This is another example of how broken this site is! I sent in a text story of my EXTREMLY broken customer experience with the company Thompson/RCA and a certain MP3 player. However, that was never posted. My suspicion is that just because it had no picture, or a link to a picture, it was trashed immediately. But this is just barely broken. It doesn't hinder you at all, does it? It's just a little irony.

Posted by: Forebodingburger at July 27, 2006 05:10 PM

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