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February 26, 2007 10:57 AM

Broken: (Updated, not AS broken): Home Depot receipt and "customer agreement"

Dsc00435This is the receipt I got from the Home Depot on 23rd Street in Manhattan this past weekend. (I've blacked out my order number. )

Note two bizarre parts of the receipt:


See what below? Rate you online where? Maybe this is a way to avoid "1" ratings: just don't make the survey accessible.


Here I see that I'm agreeing to "customer agreement #156326." But I don't know what that agreement says, or how to get it, and the cashier on this busy checkout line wasn't about to go print one out for me.

So - I can't rate them poorly on the agreement they won't show me, because they won't tell me where the survey is. Great.

I sure hope the agreement doesn't say something nasty, because I signed the receipt.

- - -

Update: It turns out the customer agreement was inside a separate document stapled to a transaction receipt unattached to the first. While the receipt I had to sign was confusing, to be fair, the agreement and survey it referenced were available somewhere in what I was handed. This isn't as broken as I thought, and I apologize for the confusion. -mh

Hdagreement2This is an excerpt of the agreement, which doesn't start until after the first page of the stapled packet.

HdreceiptexcerptThis is an excerpt of the second receipt stapled to the packet. This is what they meant by "seeing below" for the survey.

Finally, thanks to TIB reader Brian for clarifying:

That number corresponds to a special order customer agreement paper that you must have purchased. It is a bigger piece of paper with a bar code on the bottom that designates that you did a Will-Call or Special Order. It is the government of each state that requires this EULA on the Customer Agreement, NOT Home Depot. It doesn't say much except to protect Home Depot from customers who try to jilt HD in certain installation situations. Just letting you know, you have a paper somewhere for S/O or Will call that has that number at the top and that is the "agreement".

- - -

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I don't think I would have signed that without making them bring me the full agreement to read.

What was this receipt? Was it an additional printout besides your receipt?

Their receipts sometimes have a printout on the bottom where you can log on and rate them. In this case I think they programed the footer to not print the information on the paper but did not change the header. Broken.

Posted by: arcticJKL at February 26, 2007 12:40 PM

The "agreement" you are talking about is probably just another name for the sales receipt. It's usually detached from the credit card slip you are asked to sign.

The credit card slip you show in the picture is directing you to another piece of paper that came out of the register right before. That piece of paper (the agreement, or receipt) will list all your items, how much each costs, and probably has some notes about returns and refunds. Maybe you misplaced it or didn't look for it in the bag?

And the Home Depot Survey can be found easily if you just google "Home Depot Survey". There's even a phone number you can call.

And here's a link to an image someone posted of a Home Depot receipt with the web site for the survey:

Posted by: Pop at February 26, 2007 12:58 PM

I love sketchy ToS agreements, so I called Home Depot customer service to see what they had to say. They said the agreement the receipt references is their return policy, which is available here:

However, the woman I talked to sounded awfully confused and I had to spend 5 minutes on hold while she tried to find an answer. Maybe someone wants to call (1-800-553-3199, I did option 8) and see if they give the same answer.

Posted by: nick at February 26, 2007 02:34 PM

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