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August 27, 2003 06:00 AM

Broken: NASA's culture

Phil Terry writes:

The 13-member board set up to investigate the shuttle disaster issued its report yesterday, which pointed to NASA's broken culture as a primary cause.

As a customer experience consultant, I often see that the reason for a broken product or service is the organizational culture and politics of the business producing it. Internal politics, insulated cultures, and siloed organizations all prevent the business from seeing the customer's perspective.

The shuttle tragedy is a sad reminder that we often need to focus on and fix the culture behind the broken product, service or experience.

In addition to the New York Times story that ran the picture above, a Washington Post article had this to say:
"NASA's organizational culture had as much to do with this accident as foam did," the 13-member board said of the Feb. 1 disaster.


Broken: your picture. clicking on it takes you to some completely unrelated survey/ad.

Posted by: a bum at November 29, 2004 10:44 PM

I remember reading after it happened that there was apparently one indiviudal who was against the lauch and was basically persauded heavily to give the go...against his better judgement. Not sure if it is an urban legend or not, but does play to the culture issues

Posted by: char at January 24, 2005 03:04 PM

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