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August 28, 2003 06:00 AM

Broken: Sending a link via Microsoft software

Mike Boyink writes:

I just discovered this when a client tried to send me a URL via Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook.

- In Internet Explorer she chose the "File" menu, then "Send", then "Link By Email".

- Outlook showed the e-mail with the message, "Your files are attached and ready to send with this message." She then clicked Send.

- When I received it (in my own Outlook), I clicked the link and got a "page not found" error. I also missed the error message that accompanied the link.

Broken: Bad send interface; bad receive interface; hidden error message; and no reason for the error in the first place. In Mike's words, "All this when just pasting the URL into the e-mail body would work!"
See the screenshots to see the sequence of events.
More generally, given the recent e-mail worm, some are arguing that Microsoft Windows itself is broken:


I *hate* this behavior in Outlook (and its little brother Outlook Express). It's insanely annoying when I have to send a perfectly innocuous attachment to someone and he's unable to open it because of Microsoft's security measures protecting him from himself.

Yes, there is a way to turn it off, but whose addled idea was it to have it on by default without even asking the user? And why did the option have to be buried in the least obvious place?

Posted by: codeman38 at November 3, 2003 01:55 AM

I'd also like to point out how most brain-dead email clients will try to detect a URL in the email body to make it clickable, but then their word wrapping will chop it off, often creating an invalid URL.

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