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March 3, 2007 10:04 AM

Broken: Searching on The Huffington Post

I went to the Huffington Post and tried to search on "tiki" (since Tiki Barber gave a great interview on Charlie Rose last week).

But the search results page said this:

Got an error: You are currently performing a search. Please wait until your search is completed.

I decided not to wait around.

(Instead, on the second try it worked fine... except that the search results are pushed waaay down the page, below all the text ads. There are better ways of designing such pages.)


The HuffPo's comments system is also one of the worst on the web. Not only is the window for comments tiny, the length of comments is restricted to 350 words "by popular demand", but it does not allow for any HTML markup -- not even bolding or italicization.

It also tends to hang or throw server errors, leaving the user not knowing whether the comment is posted.

Logins also time out after a rather short period of time, meaning that if you take a fair amount of time to compose a decently thought out and referenced comment, you run the risk of losing it completely, since the system does not give any warning and just tosses the comment into the bit bucket.

The best comment system being used is probably on comedian and writer Adam Felber's blog,

Posted by: SignupsAreAPain at March 3, 2007 06:49 PM

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