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March 30, 2004 12:12 AM

Broken: Epcot Center exit sign

Kevin Frye writes:

Here is a picture of a confusing exit sign that I saw while on vacation in Orlando, Florida.

The sign is in the Epcot Center "Journey into the Imagination" gift shop. The sign seems ambiguous if you are not handicapped and just want to leave the building. The door to the right of the sign is simply an exit that is adjacent to the entrance for another attraction. Most of the people who I observed reading the sign were temporarily confused about which way to go.


This is not broken!! The exit is to the right!! What's the problem?

Posted by: Fede at March 30, 2004 02:38 PM

I might be a problem for people who don't want to go to Honey I Shrunk The Audience and who aren't handicapped.

Posted by: Harald at March 30, 2004 02:51 PM

Fede, "Exit to ..." usually means "go directly into there." In subway stations, "Exit to 3rd Street," for instance, takes you to 3rd Street. If you want to go to another street that adjoins the station, you have to find another exist.

So, people who want to go right into "Honey" turn right. People who are handicapped turn left. Where do you go if you're both, or neither? The sign genuinely doesn't say.

Posted by: Simon at March 31, 2004 05:41 PM

That's ridiculous!! Is very clear....both are exits that go to the same place.

Posted by: Fede at April 1, 2004 10:03 AM

You can either exit the building directly into the line for "Honey I Shrunk The Audience", or you can be violently handicapped by friendly Disney employees dressed as amusing cartoon characters. Seems pretty strait forward to me.

Posted by: Scott at April 1, 2004 05:18 PM

they must have put that in since the last time i was there, because i never saw it. it is still one of the stupidest things i've seen on this site

Posted by: momo at March 17, 2005 04:50 PM

Maybe they don't want handicapped people watching the show? "Turn right to exit to Honey I Shrank The Audience. All handicaps please leave now. Thank you."

Posted by: Ben at January 3, 2006 08:15 AM

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